REINETTE STEWART HAS NO INDIAN BLOOD, thus Greg Sarris cannot have Indian blood through Reinette.  Greg Sarris was adopted at birth.  He came to believe that his birth father was one Emilio Hilario, Jr. In the 1990's, Sarris found his presumed birth father's family, and Emilio's father accepted Sarris into the family. Soon after this, Sarris began to tell people his birth father was a North Coast Native American, through Emilio's maternal grandmother, Reinette Stewart Sarragossa.  Sarris claimed that Reinette was the illegitimate daughter of North Coast Native Americans Emily Stewart and Tom Smith, and through them, Sarris had both Coast Miwok and Pomo ancestry. But no one in the family had ever heard that story before.  To get to the truth about Reinette's family, a professional genealogist went back 214 years and six generations, uncovering over 188 documents and identifying 68 members of Reinette's family.  The family is not Native American, North Coast or otherwise.  Reinette's parents, Joseph Peter Stewart and Emily B. (Skanks) Stewart,  were African-Americans from Pennsylvania, Maine and Nova Scotia. Theirs is a true American tale. Click on the blue bar above to read the report prepared by  professional genealogist Roseann Hogen, Ph.D.

"And we think it very clear, that a white man who at mature age is adopted in an Indian tribe does not thereby become an Indian...."
                                                                       United States v. Rogers, 45 US 567, 572 (1846).

Greg Sarris Ancestry Report